No Passion
As they say, “every good thing must come to an end.” This is also true for the sparks in a relationship. It takes experience to know that to keep the sparks flying and the passion going you have to be proactive – now and then tossing a log into the fire to keep the flame going.

Married women interested in their relationship for the long haul are more committed to seeing their relationship survive a passionless relationship. They try to make it work and could go great lengths. This could involve staying in the marriage, but developing a discrete relationship on the side.

For the non married woman in a relationship, there is no binding tie and when the excitement goes, finding another person to reignite the passion would only be a matter of time. Once the right person comes along, it is good bye to the current boyfriend. To keep your relationship going strong, be proactive, reignite the passion and ones in a while toss a log or too into the fire

The Breakup
Sometimes women already know that the relationship is doomed. They guy is perfect, they look good as a couple, but yet she doesn’t feel right. Most of the time, the guy is the kind of guy she would like to take to her parents, marriage material they call it. The only problem is she is not ready to settle down yet. In her heart she wishes you guys have met 5 years down the road.
It could also be that the passion is out of the window in a relationship, you do not excite her anymore (maybe not your fault really) and she is ready for an adventure to explore other avenues. Well, she could just walk away and dump you, or try to disengage without hurting you badly.  So they wait for an opportune time to breakup.
If there are any delays this might mean they would have to start doing the exploration while they are still in the relationship with you. They start to send out signals to the opposite sex that they are available; they flirt with male coworkers, hang out online on dating websites; hang out offline with friends at clubs and bars. Within a short time they are involved in a no string attached relationship, which is easily rationalized as ok, since the breakup with you is imminent. Without intending to, your girl has started to cheat on you without having developed an elaborate plan to do so, just a consequence of an opportune time for a soft breakup with a nice guy, not showing up on time.

Do long distance relationships work?
“Absence makes the heart wander.” Most women make an effort to sustain their relationship and will stick to a partner no matter what, but starting a long distance relationship introduces a new dynamic to the equation and a level of opportunity women sometimes are not used to having. All of a sudden they have time on their hands and somehow, they just have to find something to do with that time.
The time they normally spend with you in the evenings or weekends becomes spare time. They might begin to hang out just to kill time. It normally starts out as an honest hanging out with friends going out for drinks. The facilitation could also be due to hanging out with friends who are single or not attached or friends who are already swinging, on the hunt or waiting to be taken. They flirt with guys and get hit on, and before your girl knows it, she is carried away with the moment and may find herself on Romeo’s bed.
It could be a one off affair and she will be more cautious when going out with friends or she could embrace it.  Whether she tells you about that one night of adventure depends on how your relationship is set up. As the saying goes, what you don’t won’t hurt you.

Rebound relationship
Before you dump your girl for no obvious reason or break up with her, make sure your mind is made up. A woman that felt she was not treated well could engage in irrational behavior. A guy that let his girl go unceremoniously and then discovers he can’t live without her and wants her back will definitely be cheated on down the road.
Most time the scenario unfolds like this, the distrust girl not feeling so great after the break up offers herself to any guy that showed any interest just to find out if she is so washed up that she can be dumped unceremoniously. She confirms that she still has what it takes.
By the time she takes you back and accepts your apologies, she has learnt her lesson. She now has security, she has kept the best of the flings she had as security in case you change your mind or just something else on the side while she explores her options. She has no regret’s at all, she believes that one has to look out for themselves and having a plan b and c is not bad at all.

Women Seeking Married Men
.....are you interested in a discreet relationship?
How to have an affair without getting caught     by Bianca Md en
Every day people cheat on their spouses with some other person for various reasons, it could be due to no sex at home; the spouse does not interest them sexually anymore.
It could be they are ready to breakup, but because of the society they live in or for the sake of the children decide to stick together. Whatever the reason, most people do not want to get caught

while having an affair, below are some tips that if put to good use should have you having a stealth affair whether you are a man or woman.

Finding your partner

For some people finding a partner to have an affair with is the most difficult part. How do you hit on an obviously married man or woman? If they do not have their wedding rings on then that’s fine then you didn’t really know they were married. For some it could be a chance affair.

They could have grown to be fond of a co worker, wife’s friend from work or husband’s friend or somebody that they just met. However, if you are not so lucky, the best places for you to start are websites where birds of the same feather, “people that want to have affairs” flock together.

One of the most successful and well run ones is Ashley Madison. It boosts of about 10 million members and that should put you at ease; you are not wired or crazy, other people have already been doing this for a while. Create a free account with them and set up a profile. Start looking for men or women, as the case may be who you think would be a good fit and make contact. Click here now to sign up for Free with Ashley Madison


To make sure that your computer browsing sessions are not seen by anybody especially your better half or spouse, you have to keep the computer you use separate. Either you use a public computer such as in the library, or you get a personal tablet or smart phone dedicated to you and the affair alone. Once you are done contacting your lover on Ashley Madison or through email, clear all cookies from the computer and clear the history leaving no trace at all.

Pay cash for everything

Always pay with cash, and try and trash the receipts there, especially at restaurants. You do not want any prying eyes wondering why you had to have lunch at a particular place. When you cannot use cash, for example renting a vehicle, pay with a prepaid credit card. Get a prepaid credit card or several so that whatever you put on the card ends right there. You will not be getting any bills at home.

Don’t share your escapades

Most kept secrets that are solid only have two people knowing about it; the individuals involved in the relationship. Do not tell your best friend, coworker, or anybody that you are very close to and share some close information with. As they are best friends with you, somebody else has them as their best friend. You never know who their best friends are and what they are telling them. Keep the information to yourself and advise your partner to do the same.

Protect Yourself

Do not play Russian roulette with your health, use protection, condoms. This way hopefully everybody gets to keep whatever they have if any to themselves.

Always plan ahead

Since the relationship is mostly a sexual one, sex is inevitable and must happen. In some affairs, fewer words are spoken between the individuals involved except very few short sentences on when to meet again. Do not get overtaken by passion and have sex without planning. It is good to be spontaneous, but it could lead to unnecessary exposure and mistakes.

Avoid making passionate love in the office, in your car or in public places, you never know who is watching or what you might leave behind. Imagine explaining to your wife what a woman’s underwear is doing under your car seat.

Use motels or hotels in secluded locations where you do not really frequent all the time for your rendezvous.  Click on hotels to find out what is available and the different locations that will be perfect for you.

Wash the evidence away

Taking a shower, changing your clothes or at least your underwear is a good way to get rid of the smell of sex and the aura of sex. Sex is a powerful. There is a “I just had sex subtle look” that people have after the fact that can only be gotten rid of with a shower or exercise. Wash off all the evidence or go for a jog after so that one cannot really tell which particular release you just had. They’ll assume the spring on your feet is from exercise not sex

Unisex Fragrance

As you begin to get ready to start your, affair without plans of getting caught, it is very important that you care about the fragrance you use. Just giving a woman a friendly hug has her perfume all over you; imagine what you would smell like after a passion filled session of sexual hugs, sweating and intercourse.

You simply become whatever fragrance your partner uses. To take care for this, CK One by Calvin Klein for Men and Women, Eau De Toilette, 6.8 Ounce should be your best friend. Use it and have your partner use the same. Its CK one all the way, you and your partner smell alike.

Alternatively, have your partner purchase whichever perfume your spouse uses. This way your spouse is already acclimatized or used to the fragrance and would hardly notice the smell on you; and if they do, they would think it came from them.

Never get comfortable

As your affair progresses smoothly and you get comfortable. Never let your guard down. Avoid hanging out with your partner anywhere at all. The relationship should strictly be behind closed doors.

Even though the unfortunate thing could happen and you run into people you know, do not bring it upon yourself, do not hang out together in the open and try as much as possible not to be seen together. If you are hungery order room service or go to restaurants separately.

Thats it! Stick to this plan and with some finesse on your part; your husband or wife will be kept out of the loop. Sign up with Ashley Madison and start meeting people looking for others to have an affair with. Your job is already half done. This is a hungry crowd. They know what they are looking for and will be more than happy to scope you up. Click here to take the first step and find yourself a partner; sustain your relationship with your spouse and actually save your marriage.
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How to have an affair without getting caught
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